Rates & Fees

Same Day Payday Loan Rates & Fees

A same day payday loan is designed to help you get back on your feet financially by obtaining emergency assistance for overdue bills, vehicle or home repairs, or any other pressing expenses that can’t wait for your next payday. SameDayPaydayLoan.com provides an easy online application that is absolutely free of charge. We are not a lender; rather, we provide borrowers access to our extensive network of trusted lenders who compete for your business.

At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that lenders do charge interest rates and fees based on your application, according to the laws of your state of residence. It is important that you repay your same day payday loan in full, along with any predetermined charges in order to avoid any subsequent penalties.

Application Process

Your application for a loan on SameDayPaydayLoan.com is completely free of charge, unlike some cash advance referral services that charge fees for this process. Once you submit your basic information, we search our lender database to match you with a lender who meets your needs.

The advantages of using an online application process for a same day payday loan also extend to the amount of money you save from not seeking out a lender in-person. By using the services provided through SameDayPaydayLoan.com, you will ultimately save time and money by avoiding taking time off from work to drive around town searching for the best payday loan rates.


Getting matched to the most reputable lenders is just one step in the overall same day payday loan process. Once you are matched with a few lenders, you can compare their rates and fees. Most lenders offer standard interest rates regardless of your income, and these rates are never calculated with a credit check. Some companies might also charge an additional fee, which can vary based on the state you live in. The lender will always relay all relevant information about their rates and fees up-front before you ever reach an agreement, as this is lawfully required in accordance with the Truth in Lending Act. If you do not like a particular company’s fees, then you can choose another lender.

Repayment Information

The rates and fees associated with a same day payday loan are added onto the amount that you are to repay. Before you sign an agreement for a cash advance, the lender will specify the due date in which you are expected to pay back the loan, along with any interest rates and fees. Most borrowers opt to have this amount automatically deducted from their checking account, which can also save the hassle of having to spend additional funds on a bank-issued money order.

One important way to reduce the costs associated with taking out a cash advance is to pay back the full amount on time. The lender will likely work with you to reach another reasonable due date if you cannot pay the loan back in time. However, if you miss the repayment date entirely and fail to communicate with the lender, you will almost certainly be charged additional fees.